30th Image Forum Festival

Derkreislauf Art 300Dpi

16 July - 18 July 2016

Yokohama Museum of Art

Film Festival

Image Forum

Image Forum Festival 2016, in association with Yokohama Museum, Fukuoka City Public Library and Aichi Arts Center (co-organizers), will take place from April 29, 2016. TOKYO (Theater Image Forum) 29 April - 6 May, KYOTO (Kyoto Arts Center) 14-22 May, FUKUOKA (City Public Library) 3-5 June, NAGOYA (Aichi Arts Center) 22-26 June, YOKOHAMA (Yokohama Museum of Art) mid July. The festival was founded in 1987, and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Its purpose is to create an event without conventional forms of imagery and their rigid confinement. From film to video, all moving images are eligible for festival screening. 

A contemporary Belgian video selection  will be screened, provided by Argos, Centre for Art and Media, located in Brussels. The project is supervised and selected by curator Ive Stevenheydens of Argos

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