Exhibition: Constructing Memory

C Massart Galerie Gen Tokyo 2

9 to 21 May, 2016

Gallery Gen (Ginza, Tokyo)

Exhibition (single artist)

Cécile Massart and Gallery Gen

Gen gallery : opening on 9 May 2016 from 5pm to 7pm. Exhibition from 9 to 21 May 2016. Free talk on 14 May 2016 from 13:30pm to 15:30pm – Ginzaichi Bldg, 1-110-19 Ginza, Chukoku, Tokyo

- Presentation of the « The laboratories » edition. Research of a means of memory transmission of radioactive disposal sites in the landscape and creation of a nuclear culture.

- Presentation of the artist book "Invisible radiations". Further to her stay in the Fukushima prefecture in May 2015, the artist has published her book "Invisible radiations". After the disaster at the Daiichi nuclear plant, she witnesses of the difficulty to manage waste and to live in landscapes that have been transformed by storage. For all the inhabitants near the nuclear power plants, she expresses the idea to build physical or virtual shelter-studios, where a Nuclear Culture could be developed.

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