La Folle Journée de Kanazawa (with participation of award-winning Ghent Brass Ensemble O' Brass)

Ens Obrass

28 April - 5 May 2016

various venues in Kanazawa

Music Festival

LFJ Kanazawa Executive Committee & Ishikawa Prefecture

La Folle Journée was created by Rene Martin in the port town of Nantes in northwestern France. This music festival is characterized by a unique concept, one that shatters the commonly held image of classical music. Each year a different composer or genre is chosen as the theme of the festival. Throughout the festival period, multiple concerts are held simultaneously in a variety of venues from morning till night, each of approximately forty-five minutes in length.
La Folle Journée, the music festival that started out in Nantes in 1995, came to Tokyo in 2005, Kanazawa in 2008.It is growing as the world’s biggest music festival.
This year with participation of award-winning brass ensemble from Ghent, O' Brass. The Belgian city of Ghent is a sister city of Kanazawa.

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