Lecture: the consciousness of the landscape

C Massart Galerie Gen Tokyo 2

13 May, 2016

Embassy of Belgium, Tokyo, 1F Event Hall


Cécile Massart

Lecture: the consciousness of the landscape

at the 1F Event Hall of the Belgian embassy, Nibancho 5-4, Chiyoda-ku 102-0084 Tokyo.

The artist will present her research of the last 20 years about nuclear waste storage. Her research of a means of memory transmission of radioactive disposal sites in the landscape for the preservation of life. Her artist book “Invisible radiations” will be presented. Further to her stay in the Fukushima prefecture, she made a series of works and she wrote texts that have been brought together in her book. The lecture will be accompanied by a projection of pictures and a translation in Japanese. For reservation please contact Gallery Gen (Ginza, http://g-gen.main.jp).

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