"Pearls of Belgian Modern Art - From Ensor, Khnopff, Delvaux to Magritte" Exhibition


2 July - 25 August 2016 (Himeji), 3 September - 19 October 2016 (Shimane), 26 October - 11 December 2016 (Tokushima)

Himeji City Museum of Art; Shimane Art Museum; The Tokushima Modern Art Museum


Himeji City Museum of Art, Shimane Art Museum, Tokushima Modern Art Museum

Pearls of Belgian Modern Art

Belgian modern art was strongly influenced by French art, but its evolution remained distinctive. This exhibition features Belgian modern art from 4 different movements: from Realism to Impressionism, Symbolism, Expressionism, and Surrealism. From the 70 or so works in the exhibition, most are from the collection of Himeji City Museum of Art, known as one of the richest Belgian art collections, both by number of pieces and quality, outside of Belgium. Others come from various public collections in Japan.

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