Tokyo Tour 2016 of "Wanikan", a production by Belgian children's theater group 4Hoog

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27 May-5 June 2016

various locations

Performing Arts/Theater

Kitaku Kodomo Gekijo

"Kodomo-Gekijo” - "The Children's Theatre Group", a local cultural NPO group for children and adults, presents "Wanikan by 4Hoog", a theatrical performance for children, performing at 7 places in Tokyo. A curious fantasy without words… it will make you laugh despite yourself as the mysterious story unfolds! It will stimulate your children's five senses, and feed their imaginations! And until the performance, we are going to promote a lot of fun events, games, foods, activities which are connected to Wanikan or Belgium!
performances take place on the following dates and at the following venues
Friday May 27 from 19h00 @ Nippori Sunny Hall
Saturday May 28 from 18h45 @ Meguro Persimon Hall
Sunday May 29 from 17h30 @ Higashiyamato Humming Hall
Wednesday June 1 from 18h30 @ Kitazawa Town Hall
Thursday June 2 from 19h00 @ Narimasu Act Hall
Friday June 3 from 18h30 @ Oji Hokutopia Pegasus Hall
Saturday June 4 from 10h30 & 15h00 @ Oji Hokutopia Pegasus Hall
Sunday June 5 from 14h00 @ Ushigome Tansu Civic Hall

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